About Us
Warm welcome to the ExamWiper website. Here, we will provide you with the easy solution to pass all of your exams right from Junior WAEC to JAMB/UTME and Post-JAMB.

The best weapon of neatly wiping all of your exams is the past questions. On this site, we will provide you with all available authentic past questions for you to practice with and make it easy to pass your exams.

Who We Are
The ExamWiper application was developed and launched by Centunet Multitech on behalf of Victory Business Services. The application was developed primarily to help students at the secondary school level pass all their exams, whether Junior WAEC, Senior WAEC, NECO, JAMB/Post-JAMB or NABTEB. The Application deals with the objective sections of all these exams.

Our aims and objectives include to provide a helpful source of exam preparation for all these students, to ensure that they pass their exams at the first attempt, and also serve as a study guide for them.

What We Do

At Centunet, we have vast experience in providing exam support services to students at all grade and at all levels, be it academic or professional. We do this by providing the students with the right study materials that will ensure they pass their exams even at the first attempt.
One of the ways we do this is to help students fully prepare by taking practice exams in the objective parts of all subjects. To do this, we develop computer programs that will resemble the real exam in that it will contain past questions from many years in the same subjects comprising the exam. The student will take this practice exam online as if s/he is taking the real exam. Our practice exam is also timed and contains the actual number of questions like the real exam. All these will get the students familiarized with the real exam in advance. At the end of this practice exam, the student will get his/her marks instantly. Then the student has the chance to take a revision of the exam so s/he can look at the ones s/he got wrong and know the correct answer. Students can repeat the practice exams as many times as they wish until they master their subjects.
With our practice exams, students not only obtain better knowledge of the subjects through past questions, but they are also guided on how to manage their time so that they can finish their exams within the allotted time.

Our Practice Exam Application

Our practice exam application was developed by some of the best experts in the field of webdesigns and programming. It is so interactive and resourceful for students and makes learning easy and fun. Students are challenged to do more because they have records of their scores from each practice exams and they can aspire to score higher each time they take the practice exams. Our application is so easy to use and does not even require any prior computer knowledge.  You can register for free and see the demo exam to understand how simple but tremendously helpful it is.

This method of using practice exams has proven very useful for students preparing for their examinations as they can take the practice exams in the objective questions as many times as they want in any subject until they master the particular subject. There is no need to say that most past questions in objective exams are often repeated. So, practising with all the past questions will make the student have a better chance of success.  It also boasters their confidence because having attempted the practice exam that is very similar, they can easily face the real exam. What’s more! They will be using the past questions in their preparation and this is a very helpful resource for students.

The beauty of our application is that there is no software to download; no application to install and no new program is needed that will take up space on your device. You can use it on your computers, laptops, phones or tablets, anywhere anytime anyhow you like. All you need is just internet connectivity.  And we have designed it in such a way that it uses a very small amount of data.

In addition, we have simplified the whole process so much that you can start using the ExamWiper practice exams application within 2 minutes after you register. Meanwhile, the registration is free for life!